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Ametco perforated Sun Shades begin with 1/8" thick aluminum or galvanized sheets that provide from 10% to 50% open area. There are numerous patterns and styles of perforations to choose from. The angle or tube frame required is engineered for each job based on the span and depth. After fabrication Ametco's Sun Shades are finished with a polyester powder coating. The powder coating gives an extra touch of appeal to the sunshade, harmonizing with its surroundings. Below are illustrations of some of the configurations that you can select with the size perforation of your choice.




Infill Panels

The following panel designs are common for this type of application. Hover over the panel to view more information about the design.



.033" diameter through 1" diameter in Aluminum 3003H14, Carbon Steel, Stainless Type 304, Stainless Type 316, PVC, Polypropylene, and Galvanized