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Aluminum Fixed Louver Fence by Ametco provides 80% and 100% direct visual screening while allowing for excellent fresh air circulation. Equipment enclosures, trash enclosures, rooftop screening, and parking garages are just some of the applications where Aluminum Fixed Louver Fence systems can be utilized. Ametco Mfg. Corp. has developed a highly desirable fence product that fits into modern architectural and security applications. The Fixed Louver Aluminum fence system is finished with a polyester powder coating. The powder coating gives an "extra" touch of appeal to the fence, harmonizing with its surroundings. All of Ametco's fixed louver aluminum fence designs are manufactured in the USA at our Willoughby, Ohio plant.

Aluminum Fixed Louver Fence styles:

  • Phoenix Louvers -   Fixed aluminum tube extrusion - 80% and 100% visual screening
  • Venetian Louvers - 80% and 100% visual screening, horizontally or vertically
  • Saturn Louvers -     Ametco's newest Aluminum Fixed Louver Fence design- 80% and 100% direct visual screening
  • Eclipse Louvers -    80% and 100% direct visual screening
  • Titan Louvers -       80% and 100% visual screening

Built-to-Last in 5 Beautiful Designs

Ametco’s Aluminum Fixed Louver Fence systems are attractive, flexible and the strongest on the market today. The strongest louver in our line is the Phoenix Louver. Fabricated from extruded aluminum main bars, Titan Design is a very strong louver allowing 80% or 100% direct visual screening. The Venetian Louver is a fixed louver with 100% visual screening in any direction. These Aluminum Fixed Louver Fence systems are fabricated from extruded aluminum and can be used horizontally or vertically. Saturn Louvers are Ametco's newest design that allows visual screening and ample airflow. Saturn is manufactured from the same extruded aluminum bars as the Phoenix louver design but in a different configuration. The Eclipse Louvers are manufactured from extruded aluminum and provide up to 100% direct visual screening.

Contact Ametco and have one of our sales engineers work with you on Aluminum Fixed Louver designs in widths from 1 foot to 500 feet.

Ametco also manufactures Steel Fixed Louver Fence.

Infill Panels

The following panel designs are common for this type of application. Hover over the panel to view more information about the design.