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Gate Infill Panels and Gate Systems are typically integrated with fencing to provide security. Selecting the right style of gate depends on a variety of factors including security level and visual screening requirements, physical size, weight or length, will it match a fence product and the amount of contingent space available. Does the gate cover a walkway, driveway, business entrance, will it be opened by hand or remotely operated, and how often will it need to be opened. These are some of the considerations when selecting the correct style of gate system and matching infill panel design. 

Gate systems are available in a few basic designs including swing gates, double swing gates, cantilever gates, and roller gates. Most of these gate systems can be hand-operated or controlled remotely. These gates styles can become quite expensive depending on the size and complexity of the gate. 

AMETCO architectural aluminum and steel gates come in various styles are available in multiple infill panel designs to provide varying levels of security and aesthetic. 

Gate Styles and Systems

Swing Gates and Double Swing Gates
Cantilever Gates Systems
Roller Gates

Steel Gate Panels

Steel Open Grille Gates
Steel Welded Wire Gates
Steel Louver Gates

Aluminum Gate Panels

Aluminum Post Rail Gates
Aluminum Fixed Louver Gates
Aluminum Picket Gates
Aluminum Perforated Gates

Infill Panels

The following panel designs are common for this type of application. Hover over the panel to view more information about the design.