Once our drawings have been field verified and approved the typical lead time on our products is 8-10 weeks.  These lead times can vary depending on our workload, and supply chain issues. Any lead times longer than our standard 8-10 weeks will be communicated at the time of the order.

The maximum width for most of our panels is 6 foot on center.  The maximum height is also 6 foot for most of our infill panels however you can use more than one panel to achieve the desired height necessary. Our steel security fencing can go as high as 12 feet with one panel. Talk to one of our salespeople about your specific need.

All Ametco gates come with lockable slide bolts and cane bolts. 

Ametco has a 20-year finish warranty on all of our products

Ametco infill panels bolt into the posts or gate frames.  The posts and gate frames are drilled and tapped so that there is no need to do anything in the field but bolt the panels in place. If an infill panel gets damaged they are easily removed and replaced with a new panel.

Ametco does not sell or install custom hardware on our gates. However, we will fabricate our gates to fit any custom hardware that is specified. We ask that the contractor send the hardware to us during fabrication so we can make sure our gate is manufactured to fit those products. This keeps our products from being modified in the field, voiding our warranty.  

All jobs that Ametco does are custom designed specifically for that project. We do not have stock sizes that we send to you to cut in the field. Each panel is designed to fit a specific spot on that project. All of our infill panels have specific height and width limitations but we can work within those to create products that are designed to meet your specific needs. 

Ametco’s products are best for commercial projects, they tend to be cost-prohibitive for the typical residential customer.

We fabricate steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products.

Footers will vary based on many factors like location, weather, and soil type. Because of this Ametco does not make recommendations on the footers. We will provide you with all the information on our product to ensure you make the correct decision based on your project site. 

A perfect “automotive” finish can’t be achieved on galvanized products.  We extensively prep the surface before powder coating to supply our customers with an excellent product. However, there will be imperfections and rough areas on the finish. These do not cause any issues, and Ametco has a 20-year finish warranty on all of our products.  If you need a close to perfect finish, please consider our aluminum products. 

Ametco manufactures single swing gates, double swing gates, cantilever gates, monorail cantilever gates, and v-roller gates.  Our gates are a system and include the posts, hinges, gate frames, infill panels, locking slide bolts, and locking can bolts.

Ametco specializes in making large cantilever gates. However, depending on the size needed the gate may need to be engineered to ensure it functions properly.  A key thing to remember when specifying cantilever gates is proper tail size. For a cantilever gate, the tail needs to be about 70% of the opening size. If you don’t have room for that size gate consider a monorail cantilever gate which is about 45% of the opening size, or a v-roller gate which needs about 55% of the opening size.  These sizes can vary based on many factors and will be discussed during design.

Ametco is a manufacturer only. We do not install. All orders are placed with our headquarters in Willoughby, Oh.  We ship products to every state including AK, and HI, as well as Canada.  We have done projects in the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. 

Ametco has 14 standard powder coat colors for you to choose from.  You can also use custom colors for an upcharge. Please keep in mind using custom colors can add significant lead time to a project, especially with current supply chain issues.