FALCON  DESIGN Aluminum Picket Fence has a 1” diameter tubes with .083” wall on 4” centers with swaged picket top. The post for the FALCON DESIGN are 2-1/2” diameter .125” thick wall with a swaged top. The .125” thick top and bottom framing channel is bolted directly to the post for easy installation. The FALCON DESIGN can be furnished with a Straight top, Wave top, Staggered top or Channel top. This design can also be furnished with flat bar posts. The FALCON DESIGN can be provided with anti-intruder top design by extending the top picket and forming to a 45 degree angle.

STRAIGHT TOPFalcon_straight.JPG

   WAVE TOPFalcon_Wave.JPG STAGGERED TOP Falcom_staggered.JPG





FALCON DESIGN Aluminum Fence has simple, clean lines allow for a vast range of applications, including prestige and high security settings. From schools, to medical facilities, to sports and leisure complexes, to industrial buildings and military bases, FALCON DESIGN aluminum fence is flexible to meet all your needs. FALCON DESIGN aluminum fence panels are fabricated to your requirements then powder coated for a maintenance free protection and beautiful finish.
LASTING COLORS ...with the best corrosion protection in the industry!
All aluminum fence products have a polyester powder coating giving them the best corrosion protection in the industry.  Ametco’s fence coatings:
•    ensure protection from the elements
•    eliminate maintenance
•    endure exposure without crazing or fading
•    Available in 15 standard colors or custom color of your choice
The powder coating gives the FALCON DESIGN extra appeal and harmonies with its surroundings..

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